Jackass Number Two. Like its predecessor, undoubtedly–in relation to its budget–one of the most profitable studio films in history, JACKASS: NUMBER TWO is merely a series of wince-inducing stunts. These often result in injury–filmed with a handheld camcorder. Highlights this time around include a four-person seesaw in the middle of a bull ring; Knoxville, Pontius, and Margera being blasted with riot control pellets; fellow skate video alumnus Spike Jonze in elderly-woman makeup losing his clothing in public; and Knoxville blasting off on the outside of a rocket. And that’s just for starters. NUMBER TWO gets its twisted, sadistic kicks out of the ‘actors’ sustaining puncture wounds and other injuries to their persons, and more male nudity than one normally sees in a mainstream film (including a surplus of scarred and bruised bottoms). JACKASS: NUMBER TWO is bookended by two beautifully filmed sequences–first the gang does a jaw-dropping running of the bulls down a suburban street. Then (and nothing is being spoiled here) the film concludes with an elaborate Busby Berkely musical number. These sequences up the ante a little bit from the first instalment, and though JACKASS TWO certainly isn’t for everyone, it remains the best and safest way to see a guy blasted into a lake in a rocket-fuelled wheelchair.



November 24, 2006


Jeff Tremaine


Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville (television series "Jackass") & Preston Lacy (additional scenes)


Paramount Pictures


Documentary, Comedy




92 minutes