When Jay and Silent Bob learn that a “Bluntman and Chronic” movie is being made featuring their comic book counterparts, they drool at the thought of fat movie checks rolling in. But when the pair find that there won’t be any royalties coming their way, they set out to sabotage the flick at all costs.

The stoner duo makes the cross-country trip from New Jersey to Hollywood and along the way they meet up with a quartet of sexy diamond thieves (that’s Chrissy, Sissy, Missy and Justice)…and an orangutan.

The escaped orangutan gets a federal wildlife marshal on their tail, and the whole shebang climaxes as Jay and Silent Bob make it to the Mirmax lot, crashing through the sets of a whole bunch of movies, both real and imaginary. And, oh, yeah – the “secret origin” of Jay and Silent Bob is finally revealed!