"it's oddly dry and the cast deliver extraordinarily moody performances"

I seem to be the minority here, but after low expectations I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Part film noir, part unintentional B Movie, Atom Egoyan’s Chloe is a weird compelling story. The screenplay is a bit uneven, it's oddly dry and the cast deliver extraordinarily moody performances but it nevertheless maintains a basic guilty pleasure charm.

When gynaecologist Catherine (Moore) suspects her music professor husband David (Liam Neeson) of infidelity, she lays a trap using delectable call girl Chloe (Seyfried). As she receives feedback from Chloe on the encounters, Catherine's emotional turmoil increases as does the potential impact on her family as a whole. Normal people might confront the issue, but Catherine is clearly not normal for she decides play with fire, and unfortunately for Catherine, Chloe has got problems of her own and doesn‘t stick to the script.

This mystery is key to how the the film engages throughout and as the tension and drama comes almost entirely from each character and as such works well. While Julianne Moore does what she can with the rather unsympathetic Catherine, Amanda Seyfried is the saving grace of the film, she adds depth a nuances character. Director Atom Egoyan has created a tense thriller with an A–List cast that feels like the lovechild of A Single White Female and Fatal Attraction. Tense, thrilling and with some fine performances, Chloe is certainly worth a private viewing.