"For a film that claims to be empowering to the modern woman it does nothing but patronise us"

Basically what we have here is Jenny running around her block trying to get pregnant. Having failed that she goes to a sperm bank and gets some artificial insemination action, only to bump into the man of her dreams as she leaves the clinic. Of course he wants her, she's weary, then she wants him, they have some predictable first date disasters, he meets her disabled dog, she tells him she's pregnant etc etc. It's all really boring. The funny bits might actually make you laugh if they hadn't been recycled down to their last bear threads. The serious bits could be more captivating if they weren't so shallow and stupid. And all they're basically saying is that women are nuts and need to have babies. All we really truly want is to find a man to make us all pregnant so that we can sit around stuffing our faces and having nervous breakdowns when our dresses don't fit any more. Wow. That's some enlightening shizzle.

I'm really tempted to launch into yet another moan about how I just don't get why money is ever wasted on this rubbish. What is its purpose? Are there honestly people out there who don't feel robbed of their precious 90 minutes, let alone the entry fee (thank GOD I don't have to pay that)? I mean, that's time they'll never get back. Time they could've done something useful with. And as for the millions that go into making this candyfloss...anyway, no point in ranting.

And to be fair it's not all entirely shoot me now awful. We do get to see Robert Klein as Dr Harris, responsible for impregnating Zoe (Lopez) and keen to make flabbergasted Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) comfortable with his lady's womanhood. This man is hilarious because he's blatantly aware that he's got a bit part in a ridiculous film but he's getting on a bit and this is clearly as good as it's gonna get, so he might as well enjoy it. He's charming, funny and genuinely likable - such a shame that he only has about ten minutes of screen time.