"Packed full of fun and memorable characters, Turbo is a must see for all the family"

In recent years we have seen a plethora of high-quality computer animated films gracing the big screen - films that not only entertain, but are engaging and have a strong message to enlighten and broaden the minds of both parents and kids, alive.

None more so than the latest offering from DreamWorks Animation Turbo, and while its premise of a snail entering the prestigious Indianapolis 500 is absurd and extremely fantastical, the end result is a highly engaging film that is incredibly good fun - and one that bears a strong central message, to follow your dreams no matter what - something that is bound to resonate with everybody.

Theo (Ryan Reynolds) is just a common garden snail, who lives with his brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) and the rest of the snail community, merely going about their day to day lives. That is until Theo is involved in freak accident that changes his life forever, suddenly he becomes graced with speed. Banished from the community, Theo (now going by the affectionate nickname Turbo) and his brother are taken in by Tito (Michael Peña) and introduced to 'snail racing' where they encounter Whiplash (Samuel L. Jackson) and his crew of racing snails, none of which are particularly fast.

Convinced that Turbo's terrific and unexplainable speed can win the Indianapolis 500, Tito goes against his brother and enters the snail in the race where they encounter racing legend Guy Gagné (voiced by Bill Hader) - who on the face of it seems to be all for this unique opportunity of competing against a garden animal - but soon reveals a sinister side.

Packed full of fun and memorable characters, Turbo is a must see for all the family, the soundtrack will also thrill you as it's the perfect, illuminating fit for this film.The 3D is also spectacular, utilising the technology perfectly to keep the audience engaged and enthralled in this unique snails' compelling exploits.