Date of Birth : Jan 28th 1957

Kozak starred in movies such asThe Favor, Parenthood, When Harry Met Sally…, Arachnophobia, All I Want for Christmas and the soap operas Texas (first as a day player in October 1981,and from November 1981 to December 1982 as Brette Wheeler), Guiding Light (from 1983 to 1985 and a one day voice over in February 1990, as both Annabelle Sims Reardon and Annabelle’s deceased mother, in 1983 flashbacks, Annie Sims) and Santa Barbara (from 1985 to 1986 and again in 1989, as former nun, Mary Duvall McCormick). Kozak was originally chosen to play Karen Sammler in the TV show Once and Again. She filmed the pilot, but withdrew from the series when she became pregnant with her first child. The role went to Susanna Thompson. Kozak also appeared in the 1st year episode “Cold Lazarus” of Stargate SG-1 as Sara O’Niell.

In 1993-1994, Kozak played Alison Hart, wife of Dave Hart, portrayed by Beau Bridges, on the CBS comedy/western series Harts of the West. The program was set on a dude ranch in Nevada. Lloyd Bridges played her father-in-law, and Diane Ladd appeared once as Alison’s mother.

Kozak has written four novels: Dating Dead Men (2004), Dating Is Murder : A Novel (2005), Dead Ex (2007), and A Date You Can’t Refuse (2008) all of which feature greeting card designer and amateur sleuth Wollie Shelley, a woman with very eccentric friends and family. The first three novels were published by Doubleday, a division of Random House, the most recent was published by Broadway Books following the demise of Doubelady. Dating Dead Men obtained an Agatha Award for best first novel in 2004. Kozak lives in Agoura Hills, California. She has been married twice: a brief union in the early 1980s and a second marriage from 1997-2007 to entertainment lawyer Gregory Aldisert. She has three children: daughter Audrey Valentine (b. 2000) and twins Lorenzo Robert and Giana Julia (born a couple of years after Audrey).


The Favour ( 1994 )

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Arachnophobia ( 1991 )

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Parenthood ( 1990 )

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