Date of Birth : Apr 16th 1975

American actor, best known for his role as Simon Tam in the short-lived science fiction television series Firefly.

Graduating from Byram Hills High School, Maher trained at New York University where he earned his drama degree in 1997. He acted on stage in several productions, including Yerma and Into the Woods. Maher starred as the title character, a rookie police officer, on the short-lived TV series Ryan Caulfield: Year One. In 2000 he was one of the main characters on the Fox show The $treet, and he has also appeared on the television series Party of Five (as Adam Matthews) and on CSI: Miami.

Maher reprised his role from Firefly in the film Serenity (2005). Maher was also cast as a chief resident in a hospital on the new series Halley’s Comet. He appeared in the 2005 Lifetime movie The Dive From Clausen’s Pier as Michelle Trachtenberg’s new love interest. He also appeared as Brian Piccolo in the 2001 remake of Brian’s Song. In 2006, he co-starred as John Stamos’s boyfriend in the made-for-television movie Wedding Wars.


Batman: Hush ( 2019 )

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Serenity ( 2005 )

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