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Alix Delaporte talks about her debut feature film Angéle and Tony

Angel and Tony
03 May 2012

Despite there being much media attention placed on releases this week such as the latest American Pie offering, or Zac Efron and Jason Statham’s latest projects, there is a little known French feature called Angéle and Tony which may just be the film of the week, and The Fan Carpet caught up with director Alix Delaporte ahead of it’s May 6 release.

In Angel and Tony a small fishing harbour in Normandy. They have been sent on the same path by an ad… and Angèle (Clotilde Hesme – The Grocers Son) enters in Tony’s (Gregory Gadebois – Gainsbourg) life. Angèle is rough and she knows nothing about love… her attempts at seducing him are met with rebuttal. Not like this, not this fast… he cannot believe that she is here for him…

Speaking exclusively to Stefan Pape, Delaporte was in London to promote her debut feature – as she speaks of her utter happiness at creating such a thought provoking and uplifting film, whilst also discussing her physical attraction for her leading lady Clotilde Hesme.



It’s your feature film debut – tell us how the whole idea first came about?

I was at film school and they asked us write a story that we would develop over two years and I started to write the story of Angéle. Then later on came in Tony the fisherman.


It’s an incredibly thought-provoking and poignant film, you must be very proud of your creation?

Pride is not the right word, happiness is the word. I did the movie I wanted to do and I’m not frustrated at all, I don’t have any regrets and I’m happy because it looks exactly as I wanted it to look. It’s simple and very sincere and sometimes people leave crying with joy not of sadness, and I’m touched by this movie.


The characters are all quite sad, was it always your intention to end on an uplifting note?

Yeah, because I am showing the light coming little by little in lives that are difficult but its great. For me, I’m always searching for light in tough situations so I wouldn’t like to end on a nightmare there is no point. For fifteen minutes however it’s quite hard, because you don’t know Angéle and she’s not very likeable and she’s a great actress but her character isn’t very likeable. Then what is great is that little by little the audience get closer and closer to Angéle and by the end they love her, that’s what I like.


The film has already won two César awards and it’s been greatly received by critics – not to take anything away from the film does that surprise you at all? Are you taken aback by the response the film has been given?

The only reactions I’ve seen are from the première, just one night so I can’t say they all love my movie. But what I know is that I’ve been travelling around maybe 30 countries with that movie, which is a lot for a first movie, and this love story crosses the borders that’s for sure. In China they’re moved by it and in Australia they are sensitive to the love story. If it can only touch the French people, then no, I don’t believe in this, the love story by definition is very universal so if it works in France, it should work in China. I’m not surprised I’m very happy.



Clotilde and Grégory are absolutely brilliant as the two leads, how did they come to be in the film?

They are very close friends in real life, they went to school together. I did my second short movie with Clotilde so I knew her and wanted to work with her again, and I saw them on stage together – it was the first time I had seen Grégory, and that was it I can’t explain, I just wanted to film that guy. It’s a question of desire, I’m not an intellectual so everything I do is because I want to and for my own pleasure. I want to film that guy, I want to eat that cake, or film that actress. It’s nothing more than this.


Clotilde is a very beautiful actress whereas Grégory is portraying the everyday man, was that a deliberate and conscious decision, or were they just the perfect fit for the characters?

I hesitated with Clotilde because I was a little bit afraid by her beauty and maybe she is too beautiful, but actually in fact I realised that she isn’t too beautiful she is just the perfect one because she is the one I want to film and I love, and also for me she’s not very likeable for the first 15 minutes you really want to slap her in the face, and it’s hard, but the fact that she is beautiful helps you a little bit, she is in every image so I need to have someone… it’s almost a question of sensuality – I needed desire, I wanted to film her and I needed to be attracted, and Clotilde attracts me – even if I like boys. I am really attracted physically to Clotilde.


Where do you see Angéle and Tony now?

I don’t know because for me it’s like a fairy tale. It’s not a real story, it’s in-between, it’s like a real story that becomes a fairy tale, there are two different levels. You feel that it;s very real and then little by little you go into a fairy tale, so like a fairy tale it finishes at the end, it disappears, so I don’t know, I don’t see them in real-life, I see them in a book of fairy-tales.


Lastly, what’s going to be your next project? Have you got anything in mind after Angéle and Tony?

Yeah I am writing a script, and it’s going to the same – quite simple, two humans that want to be together but it’s not easy and they are far to each other but become closer. I wanted to do something that isn’t very different but I want to improve. With a simple story like this I want to improve on myself.



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