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Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) Interview

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
09 March 2010

In Twilight there’s a sense that Bella always felt she wasn’t good enough for Edward. Does she still feel that way in New Moon?

In the second one that is really reaffirmed. Up until the last couple of scenes in the movie she is like absolutely not worthy. In that sense it is really weird because she’s such a strong girl but she really genuinely believes she is not good enough for him. She has some ridiculous idea that she should be the one that should complete him. She feels bad and she says ‘Okay, I will do this again but I am not going into it the way I did before. This is something I am in control of now and I am not going to let you take my life away from me again.’ So in the second one she is still very much herself but in the third that’s the next, she takes control. She becomes a woman. She grows up.


You have made a lot of great indie movies. Are these bigger pictures harder in some way?

Yes it is hard. It throws you through a loop because you shoot out of sequence so it is not like once you have finished the last scene you feel you have taken this journey and completed the story. It is very fragmented. It’s like, ‘Wait! Have we got everything? Because I am totally ready to keep on shooting!’ But when the schedule is finished you just have to go home. It is like, ‘Okay. I am done. Goodbye.’ There’s no way to deal with it in the right way. You just have to go home. It is a horrible feeling but that is the way it is.


How did it feel doing your first sequel? A little odd?

It is odd going in to something knowing that everybody is expecting a certain thing but we had that with Twilight, too. It just wasn’t as big yet! The character, she is the same person so it was easy stepping back into it and the stories conveniently pick up exactly where they left off. In fact with Bella, they are simple emotions because they are very extreme and very sensory. It’s not like she is ever very confused. She is always so extremely feeling whatever emotion she is going through that it is not like you have to question why. She is so dire all the time!


Do you have any rituals or habits that help you get back into character?

No. I watch a lot of television when I am working, but every day is different, depending on if I am nervous about a scene, whether it is a big scene coming up or whatever. Sometimes I over compensate and I am really hyper and I say, ‘Everything is fine. We just have to do the scene. That’s cool.’ And sometimes then I am a weirdo who nobody can talk to and it is really embarrassing! Basically, some days are heavier than others.

How do you explain the current fascination with vampires?

I don’t know. I think in this case it is not the vampire thing that is so interesting. I think it is who they are. The interesting thing is the fact that Edward is a vampire but also he has the same emotions as the rest of us. That’s the whole base of conflict. I think it is like a really crappy thought device to make everything that much more important, risky and dire. Then I think that it adds to it that our vampires are stunningly beautiful, other-worldly beautiful. But I don’t know. The vampire thing is not of paramount importance.

Taylor Lautner reckons you’re pretty good at [American] football?

I grew up with brothers. I am super competitive. I don’t want to be bad at anything. I won’t do it if I am bad at it. Yes, I like sports. Being on set is a bit like Summer Camp, weird as that sounds, but it is actually true. We literally get back together and are like, ‘Wow! we are actually on the third one now!’ Everyone gets on well.

Do you enjoy shooting up there in Vancouver?

It is beautiful. British Columbia is totally awesome. Canada is great and Vancouver is great because it is a super laid back town, pretty and small, with not too many people which is good.



You once said you were an arch liar. Is that the case now?

I think probably that was a stupid thing I said when I was younger and didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t feel like I am a liar at all. Occasionally, you have to lie. You can’t always be living something for real and be totally truthful in every moment, every day and in every second. You would be lying in saying that you weren’t lying!

You finished shooting The Runaways, in which you play Joan Jett recently. How was that experience?

It was really hard. It is going to be hard to shoot Eclipse, too, which we start in a few weeks. Last night I was up until 2 o’clock in the morning. It is really hard for me to talk about, though, because I just came off of it. I think it is good that I am going right into something else because I would have laboured over details forever. We are emulating something in history that exists and there is so much footage that I would have been stopping my director and asking him to show me stuff, so it is good that I can get out of it.


Did it make it easier working with Dakota Fanning on The Runaways, seeing as you had finished New Moon together, as well?

It is a little bit sweet that she has turned into one of my best friends so I am happy that she’s going to be there for Eclipse, too. I was saying before that it is going to be such a treat to see her and I am going to be right in my Bella gear.


People say that you’re a mature young actress. Do you sometimes feel older than you are?

I do. I thought I was an adult when I was twelve so I have always had my own thoughts on things, and I have never been complacent. I have been brought up that way. That’s the difference. Sometimes, when I was younger, I had to take care of my brothers and stuff. I wasn’t like a warrior, buy I have never been that kid who doesn’t care a fig about anything. I have always had my own little concerns even when I was a kid.


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