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05 January 2015

According to Producer David Permut, Josh Gad who lent his voice to Olaf in Disney's Frozen is being looked at to play Roger Ebert in the fact-based indie film Russ & Roger Go Beyond.

Hollywood-Elsewhere report that while Gad hasn’t yet been officially confirmed and hasn’t read the script yet, but it is reported he’s the producers top pick and while the film’s director hasn't been confirmed, Saturday Night Live’s Christopher Cluess has written the script.

It chronicles the unique relationship between budding film critic Ebert and soft-core filmmaker Russ Meyer, who teamed up to make the cult classic “Beyond the Valley of Dolls” in 1970.

Will Ferrell is also expecting to star as Meyer and it’s an opportunity for any rising comic actor to work with the legend.

Johan Hill was originally linked to the project, but a deal never materialised.

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