Everyone loves a legend, but in Chicago, there’s only room for one. Velma Kelley (CATHERINE ZETA-JONES) burns in the spotlight as a nightclub sensation. When she shoots her philandering husband, she lands on Chicago’s famed murderess row, retains Chicago’s slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn (RICHARD GERE), and is the center of the town’s most notorious murder case, only increasing her celebrity.

Roxie Hart (RENÉE ZELLWEGER), seduced by the city’s promise of style and adventure, dreams of singing and dancing her way to stardom. When Roxie’s abusive lover tries to walk out on her, she too ends up in prison. Billy recognizes a made-for- tabloids story, and postpones Velma’s court date to take on Roxie’s case. Infamy is Roxie’s ticket to stardom. Billy turns her crime of passion into celebrity headlines, and in this town, where murder is a form of entertainment, she becomes a bona fide star – much to Velma’s chagrin.

As Roxie fashions herself as America’s sweetheart, Velma has more than a few surprises in store, and the two women stop at nothing to outdo each other in their obsessive pursuit of fame and celebrity.

A new interpretation that takes the award-winning Broadway show into fresh and expansive cinematic realms, CHICAGO shifts adroitly from the reality of intrigue, rivalry and betrayal to spectacular fantasies of music and dance, offering tongue-in- cheek commentary on the cult of celebrity and the scandalous lengths to which people will go to attain it.



January 17, 2003


Rob Marshall


Maurine Dallas Watkins (play) Bob Fosse (book)


Miramax International


Crime, Drama, Musical




113 minutes