Daddy Issues. In this quirky, self-aware slice of life comedy, Henri is struggling to come to terms with her father’s death and regaining her prowess as a stand-up comic following her father’s funeral, which she only partly watched via Zoom. She leaves her native UK for sunny LA to take over the family business to do what she feels her father would have wanted. Henri faces issues of trying to fit the mold of her late father’s career, wishes for her life and navigating the dating world. Her fragility becomes more apparent when her focus unwittingly strays from herself and onto bending to the will of others. This leads to the inevitable heartbreak and her re-examining past relationships with dysfunctional ex-lovers as well as with friends struggling with adulthood. Daddy Issues aims to find the love even in the most broken of places. That is, after all, how the light gets in.

Apart from Henrietta’s issues, her friends are also going through relationship problems. There’s Nolan, whose relationship with his girlfriend isn’t going where he would like it to go, and Alice, who experiments with being a sugar mama to make a living. It just seems like this dynamic of friends all share one thing in common — they’re all lacking in certain areas of their lives and are stuck in dependent relationships.



August 10, 2020


Laura Holliday


John Cox, Amy Datnow, Kimberley Datnow, Laura Holliday


Alarm Pictures


Comedy, Romance


82 minutes