LANCASTER is told through the words of the last surviving crew members, re-mastered archive material and extraordinary aerial footage of the RAF’s last airworthy Lancaster.

Responsible for some of the most famous and infamous missions in WW2 history, from the Dambuster raids to the controversial bombing of Dresden, the Lancaster would help turn the tide of war. But there was a deadly price to be paid. 55,000 young men – half of all Bomber Command’s aircrew – died over Nazi occupied Europe. Their average age was just 22.

LANCASTER is an epic and poignant story of courage, fear, friendship and the moral complexities of war. Directed by David Fairhead and Ant Palmer, their joint interviews of 38 veterans form the emotional and deeply moving core of the film.

LANCASTER features breathtaking aerial footage from the world’s top aviation photographer; John Dibbs, an original score from composer Chris Roe (AFTER LOVE, ARMSTRONG) performed by the Central Band of the RAF. The film was produced by Haviland Digital, Trevor Beattie Films and British Film Company.  Individual producers are Trevor Beattie, Jeremy Chatterton, Gareth Dodds, Keith Haviland and Steve Milne.

Historical consultant is Steve Darlow. The project is supported by the Team Lewis Foundation and Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association. 



May 27, 2022


David Fairhead, Ant Palmer


Altitude Films




110 minutes