Imagine if Death came knocking on your door one fine Saturday morning. Everything is going smoothly with your life. Your career is at its prime, your loving family is doting over you, you’re living a first-rate life and you will be celebrating your 65th birthday in a couple of days. Suddenly, there he is– Death — standing on your doorstep. The ironic thing is that he offers you a deal: more time on Earth for you in exchange for a chance for him to experience life.

You accept the deal and find yourself trapped in Death’s whims and caprices. He controls your life, your decisions, and your relationships. Things could not go worse for you until you find out that Death – this being that has taken the form of a handsome, charming, enigmatic young man – has captured the heart of your youngest daughter – your favorite.

Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) deals with such a fate in this exceptionally stirring and poignant film. Joe Black (Brad Pitt) came at a most inappropriate and unexpected time in his life. Bill had it all – wealth, success and power. He couldn’t initially make himself turn his back on his charmed life and accept his looming demise. Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani) then inadvertently makes things worse for her father by falling head over heels with Joe.

Does Susan love Joe as much that, even after Joe reveals his true identity; she would still be keen to “leave” on that fateful night with him? Is she really in love with Joe … or with the idea of a love that has passion and obsession, one that leaves her giddy with happiness, one that her father has always told her to wait for?



January 15, 1999


Martin Brest


Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno


United International Pictures (UIP)


Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance




178 minutes