All her life Leigh Ann Watson (Katie Holmes) has done the right thing. Her only ticket out of town is the one scholarship that goes to her school’s top student. All she needs is an “A” in history. There’s just one problem: Mrs. Tingle, the history teacher who for 20 years has terrorized the students of Grandsboro High. Now three best friends, falsely accused of cheating, in completely over their heads, have to prove their innocence and find their way out of an impossible situation. The real fun begins when, to stay in the game, they have to outsmart their teacher with the very rules she created.

Meet Mrs. Tingle, an age-old nightmare. She’s the teacher who refuses to be pleased, who plays by her own set of rules, who gets a nasty thrill out of flunking students, even the very best students. We’ve all been face-to-face with an invincible Mrs. Tingle at one time or another. But no one has ever found a way to fight back … and still graduate with honors.

Until now.

With TEACHING MRS. TINGLE, Kevin Williamson brings forth a hip, energetic and wickedly smart film about a three best friends who attempt to take their fates into their own hands, only to watch them veer wildly out of control. Treachery meets hilarity as the students turn the tables on their torturous teacher, hoping to finagle her into fairness but instead touching off a series of hilarious hair-pin turns and comic misadventures. As a cat-and-mouse game between students and teacher unfolds, one thing is clear: the only way to beat Mrs. Tingle is to outsmart her. 



January 15, 1999


Kevin Williamson


Kevin Williamson


Dimension Films


Comedy, Thriller




96 minutes