THE PAY DAY. The Pay Day is an independent British heist movie set in a post-pandemic world. The film follows Jenn, a 30-year-old, broke, frustrated, and single IT technician feeling betrayed by the system is offered a lucrative theft job by eccentric crime boss Gates; she decides this is her chance to escape mediocrity. For this life-changing payday, Jenn has to infiltrate a FTSE 100 company office building with a fake identity, override their state-of-the-art security system, hack in and retrieve the data, and then leave without a trace. What could possibly go wrong?

Like with any exciting heist flick, the mission doesn’t exactly go to plan. Jenn overcomes the initial treacherous and nail-biting setbacks and finds her Ocean’s Eleven style groove on the job. But just when she thinks she’s cracked it, a bewitching working-class grifter called George appears and swipes the prize from her. After being wrong-footed, she outsmarts George, but when she accidentally shoots him in the shoulder, both are forced to rethink their tactics.

As they discover they have more in common than they first thought, Jenn will unearth new levels of fearlessness and tenacity as a game of romantically charged cat and mouse ensues, with the lucrative data and their lives on the line…



December 05, 2022


Sam Bradford


Sam Benjamin, Kyla Frye


Praxima, Vertical Entertainment, Fryeday Entertainment, Showdown Productions


Comedy, Crime, Thriller


93 minutes