"the look of the film is fabulous, well worth consideration for art direction"

Considering the risky pleasure generally associated with gambling and the seductive thrill of watching a heist or scam unfold, it should come as no surprise that 21, a film which combines the two aforementioned premises should excel at being enjoyable. And while the film may be very familiar ground to anyone with in any experience with Ocean's Eleven style crime capers, and the majority of the film's plot points verge on being almost laughably predictable, it is executed with enough exuberant flair to make it worthwhile in the midst of its formula.

The look of the film is fabulous, well worth consideration for art direction. It's all about Vegas, but not over the top, somehow. You never blame the character for falling into the trap, because it is all so addictive: the cash, the clothes, the fabulous rooms (it's almost worth seeing the film just to see those penthouse suites!). The editing and camera work is almost flawless. They did an especially good job zooming way in on the cards, to where they almost become characters in the story. Even if you know nothing about the game (and I know very little), it won't impair your enjoyment of the film. Jim Sturgess is a very promising actor, his stage presence was believable and undoubtedly has a lot in store for the future.