"Katherine Heigl has this wonderful ability to draw the audience into her character"

A typical chick flick, yet I found the script just completely entrancing. Katherine Heigl is refreshing. It's one thing to star in a film of this sort and to get a few laughs with some well written snappy dialog, but Heigl manages to go beyond that. She has this wonderful ability to draw the audience into her character. You can readily identify with her, laugh with her, cry for her, be embarrassed for her, and to feel as sad and lonely as she is in the early part of this film. I couldn't imagine anyone better for the role of Jane. James Marsden is charming, although his character seems slightly creepy at times, his smile was to die for.

The bottom line is this. Most romantic comedies are predictable. They are only successful when they have a good gimmick to make things interesting and when the script has enough witty and tug at your heart string moments to make it worth your while. But most importantly, the actors have to make you care about them and their romantic dilemma, and to feel the same ranges of emotions that they are feeling on the screen. Thanks in large part to another fine effort by Katharine Heigl, 27 dresses certainly manages to do exactly that. When a film can achieve such lofty goals I have no choice but to hold my glass high and confidently congratulate.