"I wanted more, more of wonderful Hugh Dancy as Adam"

Autism. It's a bloody complicated thing. Simply put (and its not simple) its a developmental disability and it affects the way people communicate and relate to people and to the world around them. It doesn't affect how you look, how you talk, how you walk, it affects how you perceive other people! Wowzers - imagine that.

In fact, imagine running for cover when someone uses that good old English saying about rain and cats and dogs. Or not knowing if someone is happy or sad. Or if they fancy you. Imagine your world being turned upside down if your routine is broken. Imagine eating macaroni cheese every day.

That's Adam's life. Sheltered son of a wealthy man who, when his father dies, ends up living alone in their flat, meeting beautiful neighbour Beth (Rose Byrne) and discovering a life he never thought possible. The drama, the desire, the despair..and other things beginning with d...they were all there and they were all wonderful and I was genuinely sad when this finished, not because of the ending but because I wanted more, more of wonderful Hugh Dancy as Adam, more of Beth and Gallagher (Ooh, Mr Cohen, how you've changed!) and even Irving (normally annoying but suddenly lovable)!

Anyways, stop reading my stupidly long sentences and watch this film, you'll love it...go!!!