"it doesn’t shy away from offending people and dealing with a subject like STD's"

To give this film and Director Ben Cookson some credit it doesn’t shy away from offending people and dealing with a subject like STD's.

It’s far away from the middle-class world of Working Title and Richard Curtis but’s also far away from any laughs unless you find homophobia, vaginal contact with chilli's or fat sex workers funny then this is the film for you.

The film follows a young man (Philip McGinley) who appears to catch an STD from a prostitute on his stag do and he has to use different excuses not to have sex with his fiancée (Emily Atack) nor let her know of his infidelity until he gets the all clear.

Ben Cookson did an okay job for his directorial debut you got a good feel of the grubbiness of what the lead character was going through however the toilet scene at the beginning felt a bit unnecessary and different camera angles could have done a better job.

I didn’t feel much for the characters manly because we didn’t know their names apart from Jarvis who was the leads best friend and to which is an annoying character and should have been punished many times.

In the first 10 minutes I thought this film was going to be a boring and crappy hangover type film however to its credit it deals with a serious issue like sexual health so I respect it of that however it did take a while to get into it and find a flow until the last third which was getting enjoyable then it just finishes without a real ending.

Verdict – This is not a comedy film more of a drama but I doubt it won’t be long until it’s on TV so wait until then.