"Australia delighted but over indulged"

Yes, it's an epic told from the perspective of Nullah - the aboriginal child played by Brandon Walters in a touching debut performance. Despite others saying it was too long, Baz Luhrman did keep me entertained throughout the whole 165 minutes.

I thought Nicole Kidman was outstandingly comedic as Lady Sarah Ashley in the first half of the film. The treatment of aboriginal Australians was portrayed in the worst light possible and that's not the only way the film goes too far. It's a bit 'try-hard' in the romantic moments - Jackman looks like he's in an aftershave commercial in almost every flirtatious take (it was difficult to take these scenes seriously).

The biggest star was the Australian outback, it looked amazing and has encouraged me to want to spend some time out there. Although one or two flaws, this film should bag a few Oscars for its magical flare.