"The big reveal of Hush's true identity will undoubtedly go down as a true iconic moment"

The latest release from WB Animation is the adaptation of Batman: Hush, so this review is coming from someone who hasn't read the comic! Yes, you've read correctly I have not yet read the seminal 2002 comic by Jeph Loeb but I'm about to after seeing this incredible animated adaptation.

Batman (Jason O'Mara) has quite a lot on his plate in this tale of murder, romance, shocks and another round against the Man of Steel himself; Superman (Jerry O'Connell). A mysterious villain named 'Hush' has set the Caped Crusader in his sights, and torments the Dark Knight, in an attempt to take everything that Batman holds dear in his life away by manipulating the worst of the worst that Gotham City has to offer; you name them, Hush is using them... Except King Tut... it doesn't go that far.

However Batman has the Bat-Family, so he isn't facing these challenges alone; he has his faithful Butler Alfred (James Garrett), Nightwing (Sean Maher) and a budding romance with Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison) that is put  squarely in Hush's crosshairs; Batman has a lot to lose, and Hush knows his identity!

As a fan of DC (and Superheroes in general) I was already excited to see another Batman feature animation and I have to say it doesn't disappoint as it's arguably one of the best Batman animated features since I dare say The Dark Knight Returns. This does not only feature cameos from the most iconic Batman & Superman villains but introduces a memorable villain in Hush and the ways in which he plays Batman and the other villains is FANTASTIC.

The big reveal of Hush's true identity will undoubtedly go down as a true iconic moment in the so far 80 year legacy of The Dark Knight (just don't red IMDb if you don't know who Hush is). The animation looks amazing plus I was impressed with the soundtrack by Frederik Wiedmann which gave a very sinister tone for the movie throughout.

The cast is impressive, as well as the aforementioned O'Connell, Rebecca Romjin (Lois Lane),  Vanessa Williams (Amanda Waller) and The Office alumni Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor all revel in their respective roles; but of course Jason O'Mara and Jennifer Morrison are the standouts as Batman & Catwoman, the relationship dynamic between the pair is a huge part of this story and the chemistry just flows with ease. The animation is very slick and dark as all traditional Batman animated features should be whilst staying true to The DC Universe especially during the visit to Metropolis. 

About The Special Features.

Batman Hush Blu-ray features a fantastic insight into the relationship of Batman & Catwoman within the movie and throughout the 80 years of Batman in Batman: Love in Time of War.

There is a special animated DC Showcase about Sgt. Rock.

Exclusive Behind The Scenes look at Wonder Woman: Bloodlines & Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Audio Commentary with Executive Producer James Tucker, Director Justin Copeland & Writer Ernie Altbacker

You also get an episode of The Adventures of Batman & Robin entitled 'Catwalk' to watch too.

The Blu-ray offers limited edition art cards too so this is another fantastic edition for your Batman or DC collection.