"Part one is an interesting watch, seeing Wayne as an older man looking for the thrill to replace his former self"

Taken from Frank Millers 1986 four part miniseries focuses on Bruce Wayne, who’s in his mid-fifties and retire as Batman ten years ago, but comes out retirement as Gotham’s crime levels are at their highest due to a gang called the mutants.

Not only does the return of The Dark Knight mean safer Gotham, but also awakens The Joker and faces opposition from the city police and the US government even Superman.

Part one is an interesting watch seeing Wayne as an older man looking for the thrill to replace his former self which includes high speed car racing and alcohol. He’s also still haunted by his childhood.

When Batman does return it’s not a high tech gadget man we remember instead of a grapple gun he uses a rifle with rope and a hook and being an older man he’s not a quick and it doesn’t stop caving in peoples skulls. The suit is symbolic as for most of part one he wears his old gray and blue suit worn in the 60s TV show and the 90s animated show.

However, the Batmobile is as badass as ever.

Batman can’t do this all by himself so a new robin, a female robin called Carrie Kelley, is introduced to give some youth and energy back into The Dark Knight. Kelley resembles Dick Grayson is some ways from the costume she wears and she’s also a medal winning gymnast

You could say part one is a good starter if you’ve never read the comic book you’ll be surprised to see how dark and bloody (my god there’s a lot of blood) Miller’s Gotham really is and both films do a great job of showing it.

Part two is a much more twisted and creepy with The Joker more psychotic than ever before and Superman being the governments little bitch he’s basically the bad guy (sorry man of steel fans) Batman is becoming enemy number one.

Sorry to say the voice actor of The Joker isn’t every good which spoils it, however it is kinder scary to see the character like this and he even kills himself knowing he’s defeated Batman and that a manhunt will be on him.

There are two stories in one in part two between Gotham and Superman fighting in a war, but you forget all that when you see the Batman vs Superman showdown which for comic book fans is amazing to watch.

The films have done justice to Miller’s work from the phenomenal animation (this is one of the most prettiest animation films I’ve ever seen) to Christopher Drake’s music which gives a great sound and feel to this Gotham.

You know you’re watching a very good DC animation if Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano are involved.

Verdict: If you’re a Batman fan then this is a must watch and if you’re a fan of animation or good films then I’d highly recommend it.