"I left the cinema looking at everything in a completely different light"

This is what I've been waiting for! A truly twisted, arty, unique script with....wait for it...the budget to make it amazing!! I'm not kidding, after about 45 minutes of watching it all unfold I realised I hadn't even blinked. Once. Wow.

I'm going to assume that, like me, you haven't read the book, so I'll sum it all up for you. A mysterious blindness epidemic sweeps across a US city. No one knows where it's come from or how it spreads, but when it gets you, there's no going back - all you're left with is a white mist. Soon, victims are quvorantied in a disused mental health unit, with food rations and only their remaining senses for survival- if anyone attempts to escape, they get shot by the paranoid army keeping constant guard.

In terms of plot, Blindness is somewhere between Lord of the Flies and some kind of thriller horror. It examines how we live when race, sexuality, religion, job and all those little status symbols we use to distinguish ourselves become irrelevant in order to survive. Do we stick together, betray our neighbour...or do we simply give up?

The cinematography is incredible. Director Fernando Meirelles's goal was to really get the viewer to see the world through the charterers' eyes - rather tricky when they're blind. But he achieved it. The desperation, the constant confusion and the depressing grimness of it all were crystal clear.

I came out of the cinema looking at everything in a completely different light; I felt scared, confused and incredibly grateful all at the same time - this is without doubt one of my top films of the year.