"Not only is it funny but I could really identify with these kids' need for acceptance"

Oh great, another teen movie. As if we haven't had enough of pre prom anxiety and what ever other dramas poor little rich American teens have to contend with. But this one's different. Not only is it funny but I could really identify with these kids' need for acceptance.

One thing I loved was how characters actually have concerns other then getting laid. They have real problems and their isolation feels genuine. Well, to be fair most of them do want to get laid, but sex is not always the ultimate goal here. Instead solidarity and friendship - occasionally confused for the far less honourable and far more superficial 'popularity' - prevail. With all the institutions (family, medicine, education) failing, the kids take matters into their own hands.

Anton Yalchin is totally, utterly, completely convincing as Charlie. Just in case you missed my point: this guy is great. And what a great idea to cast Robert Downey Junior as substance dependent Principal Gardner! I think we all know his past? At any rate, I'm sure he was able to draw on experience for some of the less savoury scenes.

It may be fairly predictable but so what - it's not boring or patronising, there's a distinct lack of deja vu and the whole coming of age/acceptance genre is definitely approached from a new refreshing angle. Go Charlie Bartlett!