"What a pleasant surprise"

Ok so normally I would've gone into a screening of a silly little shopping-and-boys rom com full of scepticism - i mean, it can't exactly be enlightening can it? but as it happens i DID enjoy KInsella's Shopaholic books and for once I had no opinion of the cast - I vaguely remember Isla Fisher from that Aussie soap, but that's about it. Plus I'd had a pretty heavy day of meetings and deadlines and was rather looking forward to napping in a darkened room for 90 minutes.

Little did i know. It seems that Fisher is actually a pretty good actress. She's vibrant, sexy and and could totally be the girl that will eat baked beans for a month if it means she can walk tall in gorgeous new shoes. I'm not surprised she was the director's first choice for this role - i can't imagine anyone else doing it so well. Well, maybe Cameron Diaz, but she's too pretty and too tall to REALLY have us love her. Fisher's gorgeous but she could also be your best fiend. Speaking of best friends, where has Krysten Ritter been hiding - she does a brilliant job playing Rebecca's (Fisher) best friend Suze - lets hope C of S starts the rollers rolling in because we definitely need more Rittet in our screens!

The timing of this film makes me chuckle - do we REALLY want to see a film about slimy debt collectors when we can't pay our own credit card bills? thankfully it's not very close to reality, and anyway what we really want to know is: will she get her man AND the scarf? so yes, not many financial lessons to learn here but at least you come out feeling like there might just be a sparkling light at the end of the tunnel - and that's good enough for me!