"This isn't Oscar bait people, it's a Will Ferrell comedy and if you're a fan of Ferrell then you'll thoroughly enjoy Daddy's Home"

The Will Ferrell buddy comedy formula is pretty much a guarantee of success for the most part, take one of cinemas biggest comedy stars and pair him with other comedy big hitters (narrative firmly takes a back seat) and hey presto, you've got yourself a box office smash.

We last saw Ferrell in Get Hard, which was for want of a better word, a flop . Unusual too, considering it matched Ferrell alongside Kevin Hart, another globally recognised comedy superstar, but for whatever reason it failed to ignite the box office and the film faded from our collective cinema going minds soon after.

Luckily, with the release of Daddys Home, Ferrell has done the sensible thing of reteaming with someone he's worked with before, someone who surprised us all by being something of a comedic goldmine in their last outing together, of course I'm referring to Mark Wahlberg. We last saw Wahlberg and Ferrell squaring off against each other in The Other Guys, where they played cops with extremely contrasting policing methods, Ferrell as the by the book, straight laced desk jockey with an inexplicable gift for attracting beautiful women, and Wahlberg as the renegade bad boy with a flair for ballet.

In Daddy's Home, the on screen chemistry between the two more than makes up for the paint by numbers plotline, but there is something so enjoyable about watching these two actors goad each other in more and more ridiculous situations that it doesn't really matter what the films about. For those interested though, the films plot revolves around Ferrell's (again taking the straight laced role) Step Dad who must compete with Wahlberg as the biological father, and compete is putting it mildly! Each vying for the love and adoration of the children, the two must battle each other physically and mentally to win them over.

Make no mistake this is typical Ferrell fare, but there are a number of hilarious stand out scenes to make it worthy viewing. One of Ferrell's strengths is to surround himself with equally talented and funny individuals; enter Hannibal Buress as Griff the handy man. Many may know Buress from his stand up work, but here he gets a chance to test out his acting chops and he absolutely smashes it. His character gradually evolves from handy man to live-in housemate, all with little to no explanation of exactly how or why, it's completely absurd but it works and as a result Buress's deadpan humour steals a number of the scenes throughout. Like The Other Guys had Michael Keaton, delivering a breakout comedy performance, Daddy's Home has Thomas Hayden Church starring as Ferrell's radio show boss. His screen time is small, but Church capitalises on this by delivering an increasingly series of bizarre anecdotes.

This isn't Oscar bait people, it's a Will Ferrell comedy and if you're a fan of Ferrell then you'll thoroughly enjoy Daddy's Home, sure the plot is as see through as the pope mobile but there are some fantastic moments of great comedy acting at play here, and there is one particular moment at the end (with another surprise cameo towards the end which I'll hedge my bets and say is a direct result of a line from the movie Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer comedy).