"you’re in for a great time and are sure to leave with an overwhelming feeling that, every so often, dreams do come true"

Heading into this I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, perhaps due to my age I knew who Eddie Edwards was but never really took an interest in his life story, but on the strength of the trailer I decided to give this a go. What I got was an unexpectedly touching British comedy that I hope goes on to be a huge success come its opening weekend.

The film is a biopic of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards’ life, someone who to many may have been viewed as a national joke during his time as an Olympian. This film does well to show the story of a man trying his best to achieve his dream, it just happens that his dream is to be an Olympian, through many failures he achieves this but not without encountering his fair share of setbacks, adversity, and unfair treatment that would likely have put most normal people off for life.

The two big stars are Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman who play Eddie & his eventual coach Bronson Peary respectively. Egerton is almost unrecognisable at first from his previous turn in Kingman, hidden underneath large thick rimmed glasses; however he brings a warmth and presence to the role that’s quite refreshing. Jackman of course does what he does best and plays Bronson as a flawed quasi-alcoholic with more than a little brilliance hiding just underneath the surface.

Considering how big an actor Jackman is, seeing him in a smaller independent movie is unexpected but quite brilliant. Outside of the main cast there’s a wealth of British talent, including Keith Allen, Jo Hartley, Mark Benson and Tim McInnery as well as a brief appearance from acting Royalty Christopher Walken - if nothing else you cannot fault this film for its casting choices.

The soundtrack is a highlight, if on the slightly cheesy end of the scale but fits in well, and adds to the overall feel good vibe the film gives off. It feels like a sporting version of the Full Monty and that will be no bad thing if it can replicate the success it achieved. As with a lot of films that label themselves as “inspired by true events” there is likely some liberties being taken with tried and tested tropes and clichés. In that respect, the film is by no means treading new ground but delivers a solid and well-rounded story.

In summary, if you’re looking for a fun film that’s ideal for the family over Easter then this is the one to go for. It’s a great antidote to many of the other choices which are over saturated with violence and obscenity. If you enjoy it half as much as I did, you’re in for a great time and are sure to leave with an overwhelming feeling that, every so often, dreams do come true.