"Life is an adventure without making anything else up"

Compelling, interesting, thought provoking? Franklyn is all of this and more. It's brilliantly acted by all the cast, not just the veteran actors but also rising star Sam Riley (Milo).

It is a visually stunning piece of cinema brilliance. Parallel realities are always an engaging plot device, in the case of Franklyn, the writer/director Gerald McMorrow has delivered a film with a solid script and perfect direction, that doesn't confuse and is driven by the characters.Emeila (Eva Green) is an art student from a broken home. Milo (Sam Riley), the hopeless romantic; jilted at the altar and longing to find his true love. Peter Esser (Bernard Hill) looking for his wayward son, who has mysteriously disappeared after a tragedy tore his family apart.

Preest (Ryan Philippe) has taken on the disguise of a masked vigilante in Meanwhile City. These four plots intertwine, compelling on their own, phenomenal together!'Meanwhile City' is stunning and is a character of its own, it's a totalitarian society controlled by religions. A funny remark by the non religious Preest is 'a religion could be created from the instructions for a washing machine', as an atheist, I found this amusing. The film is an urban fairy tale, everyone will take something away from seeing Franklyn and hopefully not dismiss it as fantasy nonsense. After the film ended I found myself looking up while I walked through the city, noticing the stunning architecture with thoughts of wonder.

All in all I found this film brilliant - not just because I am a self proclaimed sci-fi geek but these are characters we can all identify with as anything can happen to anyone - you just never know!