"funny and enjoyable, with a loving yuletide spirit"

A new idea is developed into a film that concludes with warmth, heart, and wholesome moral values. Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Kathy Bates, and Kevin Spacey are excellent, and their talents are well utilised. Kevin Spacey has a small but key role in the film, that even brought a tear to my eye.

The movie is funny and enjoyable throughout, with a loving yuletide spirit at the end that is truly moving. The set is beautifully constructed, and the fantasy involved throughout the movie is well done. Possibly one too many clichés, and some what predictable, but that is part of the fun and to be expected in any movie about Santa Clause (and his brother).

Many people will relate to the original problem that created tension between Nicolas and Fred. It's this season's holiday classic that will inspire you to bake cookies and decorate the tree when you get home home.