"a classic that just gets better with age"

Clint Eastwood is, of course, the Gran Torino - the 1972 classic that just gets better with age. In 1972 Eastwood was young blood but still very much the Man's man - drifting and shooting his way to Megastardom - here he is again giving a masterclass in what a small film can achieve, and still teaching his message of male values.

My expectations going in to see Gran Torino were very high and it certainly did not disappoint. Of course Clint Eastwood reputation has only gotten even better since his recent success as a director but this time it his performance that leads the way.
Clint Eastwood has recently hinted that this may be his final film as an actor, and if so, he has gone out on a very high note - or has he? Gran Toreno has been snubbed from any prestigious awards, Golden Globes got one mere song nomination and now at the Academy Awards - nothing... perhaps its because they want this 78 year old to retire just yet.

This film is the perfect combination between humor and tragedy. I found myself laughing at most of Walt's lines. This is a man we have all met at one point or another, but Eastwood's got the charm to make it likable. His remarks are harmless, rather than aggressive, and the family senses that, especially Sue, Thao's sister, whose charm and feistiness win over Walt.