"a great majority of the film's delight also stems from its rich and perfect cast"

Juno - an offbeat comedy not defined by eccentric character qualities nor propelled by over-the-top antics. It's just a perfect mix of what is unique and original, witty and observant.

The script is perhaps the most winning factor in this film: packed with sharp, eclectic dialogue that fizzes with delight and provides an overdose of clever, quotable remarks. It's fresh and intelligent, but the humour never forgets the film's subject matter and how deadly serious it can be.

The story presents a strong message. An individual, free-thinking young woman still in high school becomes unexpectedly pregnant and after choosing to not abort the child, decides to give her baby to two adoptive parents who may not after all be ready for parenthood.

A great majority of the film's delight also stems from its rich and perfect cast. The real winner is Ellen Page. Not many genuinely great female roles are viewable these days, but Page's Juno is a feminine icon for the ages. Fast-speaking, individual, cultured Juno is made such a charming portrayal by Page its impossible not to like her. She embodies the performance so well and with such dead on comedic timing it may be one of the most memorable performance of the year.

It's a quite sympathetic movie overall, and nobody comes off looking like "a bad guy." It's a solidly written, acted, and directed piece, that all comes together to feel grander than a simple family story. This may very well be the best cult coming-of-age film for years to come.

"He's the cheese to my Macaroni"