"ticks all the boxes to be a feel good comedy on friendship and loyalty"

After a pretty intense award season in Cinemas, one can only wish to lose oneself with a light hearted comedy about finding your person in a crowd, that one true friend that loves you for who you are no matter what. Luckily, Like A Boss ticks all the boxes to be a feel good comedy on friendship and loyalty.

The film focuses on Mel and Mia, best friends through thick and thin since childhood. Although the pair are completely different, they have one thing in common: their love for makeup and the desire to make every woman beautiful by highlighting their best features. What was at first a hobby, soon blooms to become their lives with the opening of a beauty salon and the creation of their own beauty brand.

However, talent and love do not magically bring money, and although their best seller line is pretty popular, their business might not have a bright future. When Mel gets an offer for their company to be sponsored by the famous make up guru and entrepreneur Claire Luna to help avoid bankruptcy, the two best friends discover how strong their friendship is and to what extent they are willing to compromise and lose their values over money.

As far as comedy goes, Like A Boss hits all the right marks; the cast ensemble, guided by Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish are extremely funny. The dynamic between the two main characters always creates the perfect setup for absurd situations that are hilarious and have perfect comedy timing.

The support of the rest of the cast, including and most of all the brilliant Billy Porter, almost make you forget about the too over the top style choices for Salma Hayek, who could have been just as funny without adding the extra prosthetic teeth.

The plot is quite linear with no surprises, which is what you would want from a comedy, however it has a genuine heart and layers, making sure to remind everyone to always be true to yourself, trust your gut and to never compromise. On top of that, it also highlights how important it is to never forget who you really are and who are the people that will always have your back in life.

Giving it an all female twist, Like A Boss shows how female comics can be as good (if not better) as an all male cast. It is a film that just wants to give pure entertainment and allow the audience to switch off, relax and have a laugh without pretending to be the best movie of the year.