"it will definitely make you feel good"

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is your typical college senior, preying on young innocent freshmen girls with his alcohol fueled charm and Bill Clinton impressions. But when he accidentally crawls into bed with feisty art student Hannah (Micehelle Monaghan) things...well...don't change.

Instead, the two strike up a friendship that lasts well beyond graduation. He bores her with his latest conquests while she guesses his desert craving in a second. Ah, if only such uncomplicated relationships could last forever. But they can't, and everything is turned upside down when Hannah returns from Scotland with a Scottish duke...and an engagement ring on her finger. It seems that European royalty, pot puree and a sex toy demonstration were needed to force Tom to break his rules and realise that the perfect conquest was right there the whole time. But is it too late?

I doubt Made of Honour will ever get an Oscar, nor will it be too popular with the Sundance/art house fans, but it will definitely make you feel good. And sometimes that's all you need. The film is heavily concentrated around Tom and Hannah's evolving relationship, so that you can't but hope that he will get the (right) girl in the end.

Surprisingly, the other (Scottish) man is not portrayed as a controlling and cheating monster, as is so common with "oh-no-I've-just-realised-i-love-my-best-friend" films. In fact he's perfect; perfect for someone.

I was a bit annoyed by the unnecessary displays of masculinity and the recycled gags but hey, who cares, the film made me smile and to me that's a 102 minutes well spent.