"The resulting search feels a bit like a game of cat and mouse, punctuated by endless moustache jokes"

Here we see Johnny Depp as a charismatic, part-time shady art dealer, aristocrat Charlie Mortdecai. He’s suffering from financial difficulties, so embarks on a mission to find a stolen Goya painting that’s rumoured to have the code to a bank account (filled with Nazi gold) inscribed on the back.

The resulting search feels a bit like a game of cat and mouse, punctuated by endless moustache jokes, except this cat doesn’t appear to have any claws and, exhaustingly, needs rescuing almost constantly.

While the characterisation from Depp as Mortdecai is fantastic, the character himself isn’t funny enough to make you invest in him because, in truth, he’s a bit unlikable. If it weren’t for the personas that oppose him coming across as even more unlikable, then you seriously wouldn’t care at all.

Nevertheless, the story is easy to follow and does offer some entertainment, albeit slightly childish and obvious in nature. Ewan McGregor is good as always as the smarmy and smitten MI5 worker Alistair Maitland, but it's by no means his best role.

Unfortunately, we fail to see anything new from Gwyneth Paltrow, but is perfectly cast as Lady Mortdecai; a person who seems to be the only bearer of any intellect in the film, which makes you wonder why she remains loyal to likes of Charlie.

Paul Bettany, as thuggish manservant Jock, is perhaps the standout performance, not to mention the source of pretty much all of the comedy! He delivers the role with strength and great comic timing, which makes him genuinely the best element of the entire film.

The collection of characters, besides these few, whilst well played, were either very one-dimensional or felt as though they merely existed as a device to move the plot forward. Costuming and locations were hugely impressive, as they often immersed its audience into the atmosphere of the storyline, but overall it narrowly missed the bar it was aiming for. An entertainingly good, if not great, film.