"a strong sense of Soho is brought into this engaging romp"

Mr. Right involved the travails of three London couples as they navigate the rocky shoals of commitment. Jacqui and David Morris dive inside the script, steering a delicate course between an emotional soap opera and comedy quarrels. With a solid ensemble and clever production design a strong sense of Soho is brought into this engaging romp above its low-budget backbone.  

I quickly realised the film wasn't going to be the light hearted romantic comedy I had expected from the trailer. With a lot of storylines to follow I found myself drifting with confusion, having said that, there is nothing predictable about the film and I genuinely did care about what happened to the characters. The disastrous dinner party that sent all of the couples reeling was notably one of the best scenes. James Lance (Harry the TV producer) and Maddie Planer (Georgina the adorable daughter) were particularly good and I would love to see more of them.  

Mr. Right should score well with gay audiences and its likable characters will keep you ticking along until the end.