"an entertaining, powerful and hilarious comedy drama that is capable of gifting the audience with 1 hour and 40 minutes of pure bliss"

Adapted from Alan Warner’s novel entitled The Sopranos, Our Ladies is a charmingly funny coming of age film about 5 girls discovering themselves and their sexuality in the Scottish Highlands.

Set in the 1990’s, the story follows 5 girls during a day trip to Edinburg for their Catholic school choir’s contest, what has them all excited is not the prospect of winning on behalf of their school, but to have a day of freedom while pub crawling, meeting men and going home with them for a few hours, before going back to their boring life in the highlands.

Directed by Michal Caton-Jones, Our Ladies is a charming story full of character and strong women trying to find their place in the world, the Camera doesn’t only highlight how excited about life the main characters are, it showcases their anxieties and bond with one another quiet delicately.

All these young girls hide some vulnerability behind their strong façade; with some have bigger secrets than others, and some are just afraid of what their friends will think of them if they really knew the truth about them.

In the mist of the chaos and excitement, all of them find the courage to overcome their fears and finally do what they all set out to accomplish when leaving for their day trip. The film is pretty much filled with comedy. All the girls are not ashamed of what they want and they express it loudly for everyone to see and hear.

Each of them has a goal for the day, to live their moment of freedom to the fullest while having fun, before going back to their boring lives and a future that seems pretty much set out for them.

The 90’s set backdrop makes a strong appearance, with a soundtrack that is straight out of an era of pop music and punk rock, creating a feeling of nostalgia for a time without social media or the internet to keep people’s heads down on the screen of their phones.

The cast ensemble is fierce and talented. Abigail Lawrie, Marli Siu, Rona Morison, Tallulah Greive and Sally Messham have great chemistry together and they all bring to the screen a strong performance both while in group and when they are taking the screen by themselves.

They all show their characters’ strength and vulnerability with outstanding honesty and in the end the audience can only feel love for them and their stories. As a movie about friendship, love and self discovery, Our Ladies is an entertaining, powerful and hilarious comedy drama that is capable of gifting the audience with 1 hour and 40 minutes of pure bliss.