"it makes for one hell of a gripping ride"

Ever heard of the evil weed? Tried it? Regular toker? Well, go and see this...you probably won't change your mind what ever your stance may be 'cause clearly this doesn't happen in real life, but you WILL split your sides laughing, and maybe even wee a little. Seriously, Pineapple Express is hilarious and so much more then just a stoner movie.

The main theme, obviously, is friendship. Chee-sy. Yep, it is, but it's the best kind of cheese, the kind that makes you want more, makes you love the characters and doesn't make you wonder why the hell you've given up over an hour of your life to be put through excruciatingly cringey rubbish. And that makes me very, very happy 'cause as anyone who's ever read any of my reviews will know: I hate Hollywood rubbish. Why they get a bunch of talented people to work on a project only to remove any trace of imagination is totally beyond me. But not this time; Rogan and Goldberg have come up trumps!

And I'm not praised out yet. You see, I'm not a fan of action. Put away the machine guns, mop up the blood and instead show me a conceptual chair in a square white room representing...you get the gist, I like the weird stuff that makes me feel clever and pleases my refined sense of aesthetics (hah!). Here's a confession: I spent the last thirty minutes of The Cottage hiding behind my hands. But not this time! Blood splattered walls? Yes! Tow curling torture? Too right! Car chases, punches, massive explosions? I want more! It's all there and it makes for one hell of a gripping ride.

OK, so it drags ever so slightly in the middle...but what film doesn't? Or maybe I just have a short attention span. Either way, it's not even worth a mention 'cause the rest will more then make up for it. Lesson to learn here: if you're gonna smoke weed, try not to wittiness any murders...and be nice to the guy who sells it, he might just end up saving your life!