"instead of creating their own storyline, this unfortunately was far too predictable"

Unfortunately this film did not live up to my expectations. I personally loved the first film, enjoyed the second, but this is the worst of the Resident Evil trilogy. I don't understand why they wanted to do drastic leaps in time from the second film? How on earth did the entire world get swarmed into darkness and become almost a complete wasteland and why would they want to film it in such a condition? The good thing about the movie is that they are finally progressing to utilizing the t-virus to make more powerful creatures, the Tyrant for example. Also, the countless attempts to domesticate the zombies to create a living world again was a pretty cool angle, even though when I was in the cinema that part of the film received a lot of laughter as the zombie tried to use the mobile phones and put shapes into a child's toy.

The laughter ceased as the zombie couldn't get the last shape in and killed 2 of the 3 scientists trapped inside. None of the characters, including Alice were really developed. So much lack of development was there that I didn't care for any of the convoy people at all. That's a shame because they had potential with the Alice romance. The special effects in the film were good. Many beautifully airbrushed faces mixed in the with flesh eating zombies. Overall, I really hope that they re-think their plots and create something that follows a little bit of the Umbrella/Resident Evil storyline instead of creating their own storyline, this unfortunately was far too predictable for my liking. Not a flawless movie by any means, but good enough to ignore the flaws and enjoy the two hour ride.