"Ignore the poster – this is a long way from a love story"

This film had a lot to contend with.  I was tired, I didn’t know a lot about the film, apart from the fact it was based on a book.  To be brutally frank, I was expecting to fall asleep.  Plaudits must therefore go to Sam Mendes, the director, that I was kept interested for the entire film.

I’m sat here writing this and my flat mate has just asked me if he should go and see it.  Bearing in mind the essential plot of this film is about the life of a young couple (not exactly bloke film material) I surprised even myself when I told him he should. 

I found it a bit harder to explain myself though.  The film per se didn’t blow my socks off, but the cast delivered such varied and intriguing performances that I was continuously wondering what on earth could happen next.  I swear, some of the performances in this film are so good that I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few golden men in the hands of the assembled cast.

For me, the contrast in the performances is what really sells this film.  The two leads, Di Caprio and Winslet who play the aforementioned young couple, are very strong, enough to make you really feel for the characters they are playing.  My personal favourites however, have to be the plethora of minor characters that provide a level of very black humour to this film.  Due to the rather dark nature of the film at times, it almost felt wrong to be laughing – whether or not it’s because we as critics have no soul I’m not sure, but the contrast provided a real edge to the film that I very much enjoyed.

I suppose then that I really shouldn’t have found it difficult to tell him why to go and watch it – I’ve just answered that above.  Give me a minute, I’ll go tell him………