"The cast is great, led by Hart and Cube who have such a tangible on-screen chemistry"

Buddy cop duos are a familiar sight in Hollywood, with the likes of Training Day, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Beverly Hills Cop, End of Watch, and even Turner and Hooch, making up quite an expansive list. But while a lot of the aforementioned titles relied more on the action, the latest offering from Tim Story is firmly rooted in comedy.

Ultimately, such an approach is mostly down to the inclusion of comedic juggernaut Kevin Hart, who plays Ben - a hardcore gamer who loves nothing more than running around with his buddies in his favourite RPG. There is one thing he loves equally and that is Tika Sumpter's Angela - the sister of Ice Cube's tough cop James, whom he seeks the approval of so he can walk Angela down the aisle as his bride. After being accepted into the Police Academy, Ben asks for James' blessing, who in turn reluctantly takes him on a Ride Along - on the premise that if Ben can stomach it, he can marry Angela. Seizing the opportunity, James orchestrates a series of Police calls that no one wants to deal with to come his way, all while he is defying orders and pursuing the mysterious Omar - a criminal mastermind that no one has ever seen...

The cast is great, led by Hart and Cube who have such a tangible on-screen chemistry. It's thoroughly entertaining to watch on as Ben desperately attempts to gain James' approval, whilst James just wants the day to end and see the back of his counterpart once and for all. The film is a reunion of sorts for actors and director - as Tim Story has collaborated with Ice Cube previously in Barbershop, and more recently with Hart in Think Like a Man.

The theme of the story of how far would you go to impress somebody in the name of love is a solid one, and the whole back and forth between our protagonists is exceptional, making for a winning combination. However, despite the positives, the film is riddled with clichés from corrupt cops to the overstated reveal of who the mysterious Omar is. Fans of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart will no doubt love the film, but the uninitiated will find little to hold on to. But the best advice is to sit back and enjoy the ride, it is unrelentingly fun and keeps you engaged from start to finish.