"allows the characters to tell the story without relying on gore for gore's sake"

The story of Jack the Ripper has always been a source of inspiration for filmmakers, the crimes were heinous and shocked England when the infamous figure terrorised London in 1888.

Jack the Ripper was never caught, however, there are many theories surrounding the identity of the infamous Serial Killer and it's this that is the subject of imagination for Steve Lawson, who follows up his Ripper Untold from 2021 with Ripper's Revenge.

At the centre of Ripper's Revenge is Stubb (Chris Bell), a journalist who is embroiled in the story, he coined the Jack the Ripper moniker years prior, during the events of Ripper Untold.

We pick up with him working away, down on his luck, struggling to make ends meet when a 'Ripper Letter' is mysteriously left in his possession, informing him of a murder that has happened nearby. Believing it to be a hoax, he goes to check it out anyway, where to his horror, he finds the body of a young girl exactly as the letter described and he begins his investigation into whether The Ripper is back or if this is a copycat.

Two films in and Bell delivers a powerful performance as Stubb, he knows his character, you can see the wheels in his head turning as he figures out what is going on. Similarly Rachel Warren shines as Iris, there's more to Iris than meets the eye and without giving anything away, Warren looks to be having a blast with her character.

Ripper's Revenge allows the characters to tell the story without relying on gore for gore's sake, unlike traditional slasher films. This allows for a more rounded story that is more psychological and keeps you engaged from start to a very satisfying ending.

I would have liked to have seen a larger role for Ayvianna Snow's Jessica, her role is small but pivotal and is necessary for the story that Ripper's Revenge is telling. Maybe delving into her back story is something that can be explored in a prequel of sorts, I'd certainly like to see more from Jessica, opening the film with her was captivating.

All in all, Ripper's Revenge is a clever and solid entry in the Jack the Ripper mythos, the score is understated and complements the film and I for one would be happy to visit this world again.