"Death is just a split second away"

“Death is just a split second away” says Liam Neeson not for a new film where you see him hitting people in the face but as the narrator for this documentary.

This documentary is about two sets of brothers in the world’s most famous family in motorsport. Northern Ireland’s Joey and Robert Dunlop were world champions and kings of one of the most dangerous sports in the world, road racing.

After the tragedy of losing their father and uncle and it would have been understandable for Robert’s two sons William and Michael to get normal jobs. Instead followed in their footsteps and compete as professional road racers themselves.

Combining present day with archive footage with the terrifying view and terrific sound of it’s like to race on the road. Including interviews with family and friends you get a sense of why this family does it.

Like Senna you don’t need to know anything about motorsport or road racing and you’ll find it hard not to be emotional about this film.

Neeson does a great job narrating leaving his American action hero persona behind and have his deep, Irish voice helping the story move along 

Verdict – An interesting, emotional watch. A must see for fans of motorsport.