"The kills, twists, turns, suspense, gore and of course those good old Scream/Stab references is what makes Scream VI a worthy entry in this beloved franchise"

What I'm going to say here will come off kind of weird but... hear me out.

The SCREAM franchise to me is MY Star Wars!

I fell in LOVE with this franchise when I saw the ICONIC first instalment back when I was way too young to be watching such movies; the characters, the kills, the horror (and regular) movie references, the humour, the revelations, The Ryan Turek Documentary and THAT Creed song that I like (Yes, I like Creed SUE ME!); these are just some of the reasons why I hold this series of slashers very close to my heart and Scream 6 is another GREAT entry into what may very well be The GREATEST Horror film franchise of ALL TIME!

I love my films that have that 2-hour scream time (excuse the pun) without THAT feeling that you're watching a 2-hour long movie and THANKFULLY the sixth instalment in this PHENOMENAL franchise has that action-packed pace that keeps you hooked from start to finish but also knows when to take a breath to tighten the bond of The Carpenter sisters (Jenn Ortega and Melissa Barrera) and The Meeks-Martin siblings (Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown). However some of the newest members of the cast could've been given a bit more scream time to develop. I must say there was a very satisfied smile on my face when Demi Lovato's 'Still Alive' track Kicked in too; I still prefer Creed's 'What If' from Scream 3.... sorry Demi.

I know a lot of you have been BUZZING over Jenna Ortega throughout 2022 (who OF COURSE delivers here as Tara) but we need to show some love to Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter as the lead Scream 5 survivor fighting to deal with the events of the 2022 Woodsboro Massacre and her own personal demons.

I'd be doing a MASSIVE disservice if I didn't acknowledge how funny and energetic Jasmin Savoy Brown's performance was. Randy would be SO proud of his niece. I have to say I was a little nervous about the absence of one Neve Campbell but Courteney Cox's ICONIC Gale Weathers and a welcoming return from Hayden Panettiere' 'Kirby' hold the mantel for Neve, but to go into specifics would be stepping into spoilers territory.

The kills, twists, turns, suspense, gore and of course those good old Scream/Stab references is what makes Scream VI a MORE THAN worthy entry in this beloved franchise that isn't going anywhere, with rumours of a seventh entry, I for one will be happy to immerse myself in another SCREAM ride.

This is one for those loyal SCREAM fans who have kept on board the SCREAM train and have never stepped off. Let's hope the directing duo of Tyler Gillet & Matt Bettinelli-Olphin continue to add their special blend of action and horror to this already beloved series of slashers.