"striking a cord with those who grew up during the 80's"

There are lots of benefits to being a film critic. Free trips to the cinema. Free food and drink provided in an attempt to make you like the film. The smugness knowing you have seen films weeks before your friends. I'm fairly new to this, so none of the above have grown old yet. But today I found an even greater perk - being introduced to a film that I would never have seen had I not been lucky enough to be in this position.

Son of Rambow is one of those small scale films that easily get dwarfed by the big budget Hollywood ‘spectaculars'. Yet today I saw a film, the with its script, emotion and sincerity turned the tables and dwarfed those Hollywood monstrosities. From the directors of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' comes a film that makes you remember how truly memorable films can be.

Set in 1982, the film follows the exploits of two entirely different young boys; Will (Bill Milner) whose family are fiercely religious Plymouth Brethren, and Lee (Will Poulter) who has no parents, and no boundaries. Banned from watching television, Will's world is turned upside down when he sees Lee's bootleg copy of Rambo: First Blood. The pair form the unlikeliest of friendships, and shoot their own film - The Son of Rambow, surviving suave French exchange students, near death experiences and religious fanatics along the way.

With a wave of nostalgia constant throughout, Son of Rambow is sure to strike a cord with those who grew up during the 80's - taping the Top 40, dodgy ‘educational' videos at school and the difficulties of growing up. Son of Rambow is an unpretentious and honest film which is truly a joy to watch. The touching relationship between the two children completely draws you in, leaving you to laugh and cry with them along their journey. I sincerely hope this film succeeds at the box office, stepping out of the shadows cast by many of the soulless blockbusters and taking the limelight it deserves.