"Cinema legend Carrie Fisher, steals every scene with such a magnificent presence as the badass with a shotgun"

In a genre that is packed full of teen slashers, Sorority Row doesn't stand out from the crowd, sure the girls are all hot and play their parts reasonably well. Leah Pipes 'Jessica' the bitch of the bunch and Rumor Willis' 'Ellie', the quiet, more geeky member of the group and Briana Evigans 'Cassidy' all did better than expected.

Cinema legend Carrie Fishers, steals every scene with such a magnificent presence as the badass with a shotgun.

The weapon of choice is a bladed tire iron, that's really as inventive as it gets. There is hardly any struggle between killer and victim, you could even miss a death if you blink. Overall it's watchable, but I would be more than happy to wait for the DVD.