"its cleverness lies in the characters and the simplicity of the story line"

The House Bunny is a light hearted comedy that keeps you constantly amused throughout. Anna Faris is superb as the lead - making her character worryingly believable and actually quite loveable. Its target audience, fans of Legally Blonde, Clueless and Mean Girls will warm to this film easily but swaying others could be harder. The script isn't intellectual but then it's not trying to be - its cleverness lies in the characters and the simplicity of the story line - yes, you can guess the ending before the film is even a quarter way through.

The film does treat some of the secondary characters in quite bad taste, like a girl whose such a misfit she actually talks like Frankenstein and walks like Igor, and I was confused by some others, like a girl who supposedly is bad with boys and yet is pregnant. Emma Stone is superb in her role, dialing up the dorky meter to about an 8. I feel bad for Colin Hanks though, he doesn't seem to be getting many chances to shine, and here he's wasted as the romantic lead in a film that's pretty low on the romance storyline.

Even though the film is basic in it's good people vs their antagonists - it works, and it's not meant to do anything but entertain, amuse, and make you laugh. The range of girly outfits, cute male actors and the sister hood story line will mean women of all ages who like their girly comedies will be flocking to see The House Bunny and I'm sure persuading their male partners who've seen the trailer won't prove a challenge.