"Thank you, Anne Fletcher for bringing us a true romcom that does what it says on the tin"

The Proposal is basically a fun, family romcom. The premise of the film is Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) forces her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her to avoid being deported back to Canada, he agrees with a few conditions of his own. What follows is an Alaskan adventure as the two realise their true feelings. I found Sandra Bullock's portrayal of the Icey Margaret to be pretty good, being that I began to hate her, I would say she did a helluva job. Sure, it's a little predictable especially with Oscar Nuñez's character, who seems to pop up in every scene; the stripper, the store clerk, the minister.

The supporting casting is brilliant, especially Mary Steenburgen (Grace Paxton), who I've personally loved as the dotting mother since the 80's classic 'Parenthood'. Similarly, Betty White (Grandma Annie) is particularly well suited to her role of the aging matriarch of the family. Some of her antics are amusing and some of which I didn't see coming! Craig T. Nelson (Joe Paxton), is the typical father type who wants Andrew to take over the family business. Malin Akerman, really shows her range here as Gertrude, playing the girl-next-door and having last seen her in 'Watchmen', her role here is completely different to Silk Spectre.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds took this movie to a higher level than I had expected, their onscreen chemistry is brilliant. It's very sweet, even the Alaskan puppy is adorable, all in all The Proposal is an amusing and well made film. Thanks Anne Fletcher (the director) for bringing us a true romcom that does what it says on the tin.