"the cliché-filled plot resembles far too many others"

I hadn't heard much about this film so I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to a screening so far before its release. The film is well cast. It's nice to see Christina Applegate back on our screens, but most notably it wouldn't have been what it is without Rainn Wilson's excellent performance. His charm and persona is what gives this film a soul and as an actor I hardly know, he could eventually be one of the future comedy superstars, such as Seth Rogen or Will Ferrell.

The Rocker's downfall may be its heavily worn subject matter. The cliché-filled plot resembles far too many others and even the rather unique pieces feel drowned out by the surplus of stereotypical events and dragged out dialogue but there are some strong comedic moments, almost outweighed by the more heartfelt ones. If you're looking for down-and-out comedy, this might not be crude enough for you. But, if you want something simple, with a nice rhythm, this could be the right beat for your Saturday afternoon.