"enough thrills and suspense to keep your attention"

I confess; I haven't read the book and the first time I laid eyes on the synopsis was to kill a few minutes before the show. And what a refreshing experience! With no expectations or influences I was able to judge this horror slash thriller purely on it's cinematic value.

While holidaying in Mexico two couples - Amy (Jena Malone) and Jeff (Jonathan Tucker) and Eric (Shawn Ashmore) and Stacy (Laura Ramsey) - join German tourist Mathias on an archaeological dig. But the mysterious Mayann Ruins, covered by a blood thirsty moss, soon land the group in trouble.

The friends are held captive on the ruins by natives who are terrified of the algae, believing that anyone who comes into contact with it must be destroyed - even if it means killing their own.

Shawn Ashmore is excellent as Eric, who seems impatient and gung ho with the group's predicament and desperately tries to plan an escape. And luckily the group has a doctor in their midst in the form of Jeff, whose knowledge may just be life saving.

Amy and Stacey are equally good, playing out a sisterly love hate relationship superbly while looking after their men as best they can.

The Ruins is well cast, well scripted and well acted. It has enough thrills and suspense to keep your attention. The film is good, though I'm not sure it warrants its 18 certificate - although there is a bit of self mutilation and gore. The nice thing about writing film reviews, however, is that you get to see films you'd not necessarily venture to the cinema to watch, and this is one of them.